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The Boston Simplus Care System is a multi-action solution that cleanses, rinses, disinfects and conditions. Ultimate comfort is achieved by coating the lens surface and restoring the natural tear layer.

Gentle Formula Tea Tree Eyelid & Facial Cleanser™ is a big hit for sensitive skin. Infused with Tea Tree, Chamomile and Shea Butter, this cleanser gently removes all dirt and make-up without drying the skin.  The Tea Tree helps reduce blemishes, while the Chamomile and Shea Butter deeply hydrate your skin. 

The cleanser is formulated to be non-irritating, so it's comfortable for cleaning eyelids. After use, your skin is left feeling smooth and silky.



(Compare to MURO-128)-Provides temporary relief of corneal edema due to ill-fitting contact lenses or disease conditions. The solution is for daytime use and the ointment is for nighttime use.

Eye Drops



Boston Advanced

Boston ORIGINAL Conditioning Solution contains a wetting agent that coats the surface of your lens to make them smooth, wet and comfortable. This ingredient actually helps reduce the friction between your lens and your eye. And, the preservative system is gentle on eyes. Effective lens cleaning solution for gas permeable (GP) and hard contact lenses.


Advanced Tea Tree is Formulated to be non-irritating to the eyes, it can be used to clean eyelid margin and entire face. Gently removes all dirt and make-up without drying the skin. Contains 2% Tea Tree to help manage demodex mites With antiseptic, antifungal and antimicrobial properties; infused with Vitamin E and Shea Butter to leave skin deeply hydrated. Formulated without the use of parabens. Made in the USA.

Contact Lens Supplies

 Expect delivery in 3-5 Business days. Prices include shipping.

OCuSOFT Lid Scrub Eyelid Cleanser Original Formula for eyelid cleansing to remove oil. Its removes oil and debris associated with dry eyes. Promotes contacts lens wearer comfort. It is also used pre-operatively to minimize risk of ocular infections associated with surgery.



Tea Tree Gentle Small


Boston Simplus

Lid Scrubs

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ProOmega® provides exceptionally high levels of the omega-3 fats EPA and DHA. It is ideal for people wanting high-intensity, therapeutic support in a smaller serving. Our most popular concentrate, ProOmega has been shown by original research to support healthy glucose levels, healthy lipid levels in professional athletes, bronchial health, and the body's ability to respond to stress in a healthy way.*  http://www.nordicnaturals.com/en/Products/Product_Details/154/?ProdID=30


Blink Tears

Designed to keep eyes lubricated and comfortable while you sleep. Retaine PM is a preservative-free, oil-based formula that is conveniently packaged in a 3.5gm tube. For nighttime use only.


OCuSOFT Platinum


ProOmega 2 Month Supply

For the temporary relief of burning, irritation, and discomfort due to dryness of the eye or exposure to wind or sun. May be used as a protectant against further irritation. The gel formulation is for Moderate to Severe dry eye.


Tea Tree Gentle Large


ProDHA 1 Month Supply


Retaine NaCl

Retaine MGD is the ONLY Fourth Generation Tear Available. Lipid-replenishing formula utilizes electrostatic attraction to stabilize the tear film and protect against moisture loss. Preservative-Free. http://www.ocusoft.com/retaine-mgd-ophthalmic-emulsion-30-single-dose-vials-2


March 18, 2020

Update for Patients of Central Phoenix Eye Care,
As of today, we are postponing all routine eye care as recommended by the CDC.  We will be available for emergency eye care Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 4:00pm.  If you have any eye issues please call the office.  We will determine over the phone if you need to come in or if you need a referral.  One of us will be available for you. If you need to order contact lenses or need replacement glasses please call our office.  We will be able to ship contact lenses to you in most cases.  If you need a refill on eye drops for glaucoma or other ongoing issues please call our office and we can take care of that.  If you have questions please call. As soon as we are advised by the CDC to resume routine eye care we will let you know and begin to schedule appointments again. We have struggled with the dilemma of staying open for everyone verses joining with the greater community in preventing the spread of the corona virus.  We believe it is important to do all we can to protect as many as we can.  Please join us by staying home and limiting your time out in the community.  We will continue to do all we can to protect our staff here and keep this environment disinfected above our normal standards for those emergency visits. 

Stay healthy…

Dr Frank and Dr Mastores